Our little Stars

Our little Stars
Canyon and Alena

Monday, July 28, 2014

Swimming and Dance

Canyon got to take Private Swimming lessons this year at the Meridian Pool. It was so much fun for him to have a teacher one on one and he was able to learn a lot! His teacher’s name was Laura. It was only thirty minute lessons-five days a week- for two weeks. He learned a lot in that amount of time, and I am so glad we were able to have him do that. He learned to float on his back all by himself. Unfortunately, we haven’t been back to a pool but one time to have him practice his new skills. He is also really good at going under the water holding his breath. He is a little too daring sometimes though…which makes any momma nervous. 

Teacher wasn't even helping!! Go Canyon!

The hardest part of Canyon’s swim lessons each day was having to take Alena. It was hard for her to be there but not able to get into the water (or even close to it) herself. They don’t do swim lessons for under three so, we will have to wait until next year. As much as I wanted to be able to sit and watch Canyon each day, I was pretty pre-occupied with Alena.

Alena got to have a little bit of fun herself (if you ask mommy) in a dance class Camp. At first Alena would tell me "no dance class" because it made her nervous and she was shy...but after the first couple of times she started wanting Dance class. One of my favorite Zumba girls Nickie helped Teach Alena’s dance camp and I loved it. Alena didn’t mind as long as she could be glued to Nickie. The one day that Nickie was on her own…Alena did a little bit more of the dance moves because there was another girl that was crying the whole time so Nickie had to hold her instead of Alena. Alena warmed up to the dance class and did a little more each time. However, when it came time for their performance on the last day of Class…Alena didn’t do a thing. She was very shy. It was super cute though that here, a month after the dance class, we found Alena dancing just like in her class in front of the oven where she could see her reflection. It was perfect and I was so happy with how much she remembered even though she never really did it in the actual class.

Alena "performing"

Alena's class. It was a princess theme.

When Nickie laid down during the "aurora" part of the dance, Alena was very concerned and ran over to her and hugged her. It was the cutest thing. Alena will still ask me for Dance class and "Mickie".(nickie). 
I am glad that we were able to have our kids do a couple of classes this summer. I love watching them learn.

Summer Fun

We have had a lot of fun this summer. Especially when there is family In town because then we have even bigger excuses to get out and do fun things. Honestly, just getting the kids outside is a huge thing for me with this heat in the middle of this pregnancy…so I have been grateful that they have still been able to do some fun things. 

 Cute kiddos just enjoying the heat in our back yard.

World Cup this year was a lot of fun for Casey. It was pretty funny to see how worked up he would get. I watched a few of the games with him, but never understand enough to really get too into it. I did however watch the entire Final between Argentina and Germany and I was very “into” that one. The day the World Cup started I made Casey some cupcakes. I even colored each flag of the countries that participated in the World Cup this year because I don’t have a color printer. It took me about two hours to take care of all of them and get them cut out and on their toothpicks. They turned out cute..not perfect, but cute. Casey loved them. The cupcakes were awesome too! Too bad Germany won, but Argentina rocked getting second place.

Alena sitting on the potty...with her pants still on. She likes the idea...

We had a killdeer bird camped out in our rocks for several weeks. At one point there were five eggs in it’s little nest of rocks… Each time someone would walk out the front door the bird would flare it’s wings and freak out. It was protecting it’s babies. Unfortunately, one day we walked out and one of the eggs had been kicked out of the nest and broken on our sidewalk. We don’t know if it was a bad egg, or if another bird did it. We never allowed to kids to get very close. A few days later, the nest had shrunk to just three eggs, but the momma was still there caring for her babies. Another few days later, and two more eggs were gone. We weren’t able to find one, but the other one was in our grass, so Rick carefully put it back with the other egg in the nest. That night, Casey heard the momma freaking out and went outside to check on it. Nothing was there, and in the morning the momma wasn’t there protecting anymore. I checked several times throughout the day and those last two eggs had been abandoned. It was sad. 

Summer and Ryan’s kids came up for a whole week, and we were able to play a lot with them. There were several trips to the Splash pad at Settlers Park, but unfortunately never had our camera for those ones. We did however get to take a nice little day trip over to Lucky Peak. The kids love it there because they can splash around in the water and play in the sand to their hearts content. I didn’t mind being there watching them having such a good time, but I stayed close because Alena scares me with how brave she is. There were several times she wandered out farther than I would have liked. The water was freezing that day, but my kids and Summer’s kids really didn’t mind at all.
While Aiden, Erik, Ani, and Emmitt were here…Canyon was so so happy. Emmitt is his best friend and he wanted to be with Emmitt at all times. I tried to be an especially patient and cool aunt so that Emmitt would want to spend time here with us. He slept over with Canyon for about half of the week…but as the week went on, he chose Grandma’s house with his siblings because he was really missing his mommy. I felt like a rock star with how patient I was, and I did my best to play soccer with Emmitt, Canyon, and Alena…but the only one who knew what they were doing was Emmitt. I would like to get canyon in a soccer camp or something so he can learn. I wish I knew how to teach him, or wish Casey had the time to teach him. We also spent a lot of time riding on bikes. The boys loved that. They were seriously so cute together and completely inseparable.

Splashing is so fun
Alena has amazing balance
Handsome boy