Our little Stars

Our little Stars
Canyon and Alena

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Unfortunately, we don’t get to go on My family’s campout this year. It’s always around the fourth of July, and we are usually a for sure go…This year however, we decided that we needed to stay home this time because we have already taken so much time away from work with going to Argentina. So, when my family is getting all stinky camping…we won’t be there.

Canyon loves the idea of going camping and was able to go with Casey for the Father’s and Son’s campout and had a blast. So, Casey and I just sat down and decided a time that would work that we could go camping overnight and we just loaded up our kids and did a quick camping trip. The place was called swinging bridge and it wasn’t far from where we live. We went up Friday after work, and came home as soon as we were all cleaned up the next morning. It was beautiful, and quiet. It was small with very little room to hike around, so we did what we could but the kids were just as happy to just play around in the hammocks. Thank Goodness Casey brought those. They loved playing in them. Hammocks are awesome. They seriously are a must for camping.

Canyon was super excited that we were all going camping! Mommy, Daddy, Alena, and Canyon!

Checking things out

Our campout was super simple, and we just did hotdogs for dinner and oatmeal for breakfast. The kids are super excited about both of those, so I took the lazy way out and didn’t want to have to deal with all of the prep and clean up of anything else. We of course roasted smores too, but I was pretty much the only one to eat those. The kids were happy with the marshmallows plain.
I really enjoyed watching my kids have such a good time outside. Casey couldn’t get enough either. Casey would live outdoors if he could. He loves everything about the outdoors, and I wish I could enjoy it all as much as him. Canyon and Alena enjoyed hiking into the trees, and really liked throwing wood on the fire. They helped daddy to make some pine needle tea too. When it came time for bed, we all slept in our awesome canvas tent, and had a great sleepover. Alena was having a hard time settling in, so Casey finally had to pretend he was going to take her out of the tent and of course she didn’t like that. She ended up letting him sing her to sleep with just two songs. Both kids slept the entire night and it was nice…other than the major major headache I was fighting all night.

 On our little "hike"

 Collecting Pine needles for the tea.
 The kids really enjoyed our luxurious tent, and Alena kept getting big eyed and telling me that the bears were outside and they were going to eat her. She might have gotten that idea from me telling her that she needed to go to sleep and be quiet....

I realize I have a problem. I really struggled on Saturday morning as all I could think about was if I would be able to exercise when we got home. I knew I needed to, but there wasn’t really anything I could do while out camping. Not this time. So, instead of letting myself really absorb and enjoy the moments that beautiful Saturday morning with my family, I was worried about getting home. Casey packed up and I tried to take the kids for little walks and adventures not wanting them to sense my uneasiness. It’s a huge problem. I don’t know why, but for some reason, I can’t enjoy things as much when my brain is so wrapped around getting a sweat on for the day.

The kids were ready...and Alena thought she'd drive home
 On our way back home, we stopped off the side of the road to let the kids throw some rocks into the water. It was so beautiful and the kids not only enjoyed throwing rocks, but watching a couple kayakers, picking currants, and climbing on rocks.

Alena really enjoyed the currants

I am grateful for Casey and his love of the outdoors and his willingness to do so much to help prepare and clean up. It is something he loves so much that he doesn’t mind that it takes a little more effort than just staying at home. I could learn something from him. Casey really is amazing. I am so blessed to have someone so patient and levelheaded as he is. When I need to vent or complain, he always has a way of helping me see it from the outside. I love watching him love our kids. I feel like I was the one that was able to play with the kids while he did all the work. I don’t even know that he got much play time of his own…. We hope to be able to get out again sometime soon to have another family adventure!