Our little Stars

Our little Stars
Canyon and Alena

Thursday, August 14, 2014

July Adventures

Alena showing us her dance moves
 We had a pretty great July his year. Other than my complaining of the heat (no one should ever have to be pregnant in the summer months)--
We love being with our kids and I wish I had more motivation and energy to take them outdoors as much as they would love it.

The two cutest kids in the world...
 Alena is quite a hoarder. She loves her baby doll and will take it with her everywhere she goes. But it's not just the doll anymore. She insists on carrying around 101 things and she just doesn't have big enough arms. She gets frustrated because she can't carry everything she wants to. This usually includes about 3 blanket, 3 or 4 stuffed animals or dolls, bracelets, anything random she is interested in at the time.

 A visit from The best Parents ever--
I am always so grateful when my parents come up to visit. I love having them here. My mom came to every zumba class I taught while she was here, and it was so nice to have her there with me. Papa stayed busy with little projects. Including fixing my door, fixing Canyons bike, fixing our lawn mower, fixing my bike tire...and I'm sure there were other things he fixed. That's what he does!
Unfortunately, I slacked off on pulling the camera out :( I only got a couple of pictures.
Alena loves her Grandma. She even know her whole name "Alena Leigh Despain"

My favorite men
 Jon and Casey took an early day one day while Papa was here so they could take him fishing. Of course, Casey had a blast, and we all know papa loves to fish!

Whenever Mom and Papa come, I make sure they bring Happy. Such a precious dog

Highway Boulders with Ryan
Casey loves to go rock climbing with his bro Ryan, so that is one thing I always try to support when we're together with them. Ryan and Summer came up for several days the week after Mom and Papa were here. It was nice having them in town, but unfortunately we didn't get a lot of time to just hang out with them and catch up because there were always things planned for "playing" which leaves little time to visit.
Casey is an awesome climber, and Ryan told me that when he went up climbing that morning, Casey of course showed up his friend Russ who works at the climbing gym and climbs regularly. Casey is just extra super talented at it, and can do it without having a lot of practice in recent weeks. 
Truly Casey's personality when he's with his Brother Ryan.

Family Camping at Sage Hen Reservoir
We took a weekend and went camping just with our little family. It was Fourth of July Weekend, so we were lucky we were able to even find a camp site without having reserved something weeks in advance. We drove about two hours to Sage hen, and set up camp. It was really hot, and I was honestly not the best sport. I tried to be, but I wasn't having fun in the heat...There wasn't much shade, and I don't know how kids do it. They can be soaked, but they're so side tracked with how much fun they're having that they don't notice. I guess that's how I am with Zumba.
There were some really fun things about our camping trip though. We left as early as we could and after we set up our tent, we took a little walk in the trees. Casey wanted to be able to find wild edibles, but unfortunately, nothing was ready yet. Things were hardly blooming. That was sad.
We found a trail that we loved. It was beautiful with water falls all throughout it. The kids enjoyed climbing around. We even found some baby frogs. 
Going on the nature trail
 We found a big tree that Canyon insisted on walking across. I went with Alena and Canyon did it all by himself. They loved it!

So Happy to be outdoors.

Canyon walking across the log

Daddy and Alena walking across. The kids were so brave!

 The nature trail was absolutely beautiful and super peaceful. You could hear the waterfalls and it was very relaxing. I was extra alert because I was so worried about Alena and how brave she is climbing all over big rocks!
We love these two.

Casey and his babies on the log
 The nature trail was super calm with hardly anyone else on it, but we were lucky enough to run into one person who was willing to help us get a family picture.

Alena was so exhausted that I actually got her to sleep with me in a hammock. I felt so blessed to have her in my arms.
 Casey continued to explore with Canyon while Alena and I rested
The water was freezing, but Canyon and daddy had a good time playing together.

Super tired

Beautiful Waterfall

Just going along the trail

Daddy and his baby girl
Back at camp it was too hot to do much of anything, but We played around in the hammocks while we waited for dinner to be cooked on the fire.

Our amazing tent.
 We took along our stroller in hopes to be able to go on a walk with the kids, but none of the trails were made for a stroller. Canyon enjoyed pushing it around our campsite though.

Chicken. That's what's for dinner

 More nature trail pictures...

 When Alena woke up, Daddy braved the freezing water with her so she could have a chance to play.

We have had a really good July, and the best part about it...Always...is being together as a family.

Swan Falls

Friday, August 8, 2014

Highway Boulders

I don’t know a whole lot about rock climbing, but I do know that Casey is the best! He doesn’t get to do it very often, but when he does…he makes everyone mad because he can “send” everything he tries pretty much. He is a natural.